Monday, 8 March 2010

The Wettest June in History

  Is there such a thing as too much preparation? Outline, re-outline, re-re-outline ...
Got my theme? Check
Got my plot? Check
Got my characters? Internal, external, what they did the last fifty years, where they were what they want, what bloody brand of cotton buds they clean their friggin' ears with ... nah, I sound like I hate them now. I don't! I like them, they're not all bright but they're good people. Except for that guy Gino, and that Mrs Wilkes. And Mrs Bagnato too.
I've realised after outlining, re-outlining, re-re-outlining that I had a lot of powerful women in this story, powerful over men they are. Does that mean something about me? I don't want to overpower men. I don't care about overpowering men, empowering myself is all I want! (damn that sounds cheesy).
Anyway the MC's a man and although he's not really strong at the beginning, he does empower himself as the story progresses. Which is the point. Hope it will balance all these weak men and nasty women. Sorry men.
Since there's no hitman anymore, then, I have changed the title to The Wettest June in History ... subject to change, it is still early.
A story of asthma, drug money and murders ... and a lot of rain.
I know all that, you now know that, so what am I waiting for?! Open that Movie Magic, woman!
PS: today's picture is that of little statuettes, of course. The least I can do to show my dedication to putting my foot in the industry's door ...


  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for linking my blog to yours. I will definitely be checking in with your adventures as a screenwriter.
    I also hope to be in London later this year with my series of one-acts in production in Hamstead.
    Best of luck,
    This is Your Pilot Speaking

  2. Thank you Margaux!
    I saw on your site you had some one-acts coming to London. Do update me as I'd love to come and see them. (heck, I'll even buy you a drink!)
    Although I'm focusing on feature writing at the moment I am indeed interested in writing for TV in the future and your blog is very instructive and insightful. So thanks for that!
    Have a great day,


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