Friday, 5 March 2010

  I am pleased to report that yesterday's to-do list was duly completed. Except for the 5 pages. Not that I haven't done any work on the script, but instead I have tightened up my outline. I had left it simmering for over a week, and my MC (main character)'s motivation wasn't clear enough. His background is now more polished, he's grown younger and I think it works better. Oh and there's no more hitman mistaken identity story here so I guess I need to find an alternative title for it.
  I watched Scorpion yesterday. I can't say it blew me away. The story is unoriginal and not even well written. I didn't believe in either of the love stories and the bad boys didn't strike me as particularly scary, which made for a completely unemotional journey. To understand the importance of emotions in a screenplay I recommend Karl Iglesias'  Writing For Emotional Impact; it's also got some invaluable tips on how to make the reader feel and care for the characters and story.  The film wasn't all bad though. The soundtrack is what pushed it forward, supporting the MC's strive to fight his way out of his hole and sort himself out. Although I rolled my eyes at most of the dialogues, one bit has stuck into my mind (my translation):

LÉA: Why do you ignore me?
ANGELO: I don't ignore you. I don't see you.

Finally, attention to details. The MC's nickname is Scorpion. He's a sweaty muscular fighter and he's got that ridiculous little lion's head tattooed on his arm. Not even one with a big royal mane. What I would have liked to see, if he had to have a tattoo, is a big Scorpion one, preferably the design seen at the beginning and on the poster. I'm just saying.

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