Wednesday, 17 March 2010

When you go in the right direction, good things come to you

  The last week or so has been incredible in terms of meeting people. Whereas I wasn't sure if I should start networking before I had any good-enough script ready, by talking to people, I have now someone interested in reading my (hardly started!) script. I am not so much excited by the prospect of seeing the film already that much closer to being made (I wouldn't be surprised if nothing came out of this particular project) but I am excited by the motivation it is giving me to finish the screenplay.
There is now a reader out there (who is not a friend) who will read it and possibly consider producing it.  More importantly, there is now a reader who is expecting to read my screenplay, the sooner the better, and I must not let them down. This is a chance to not only prove my reliability in coming up with the goods but also to showcase my skills as a writer.
The last few days have also seen me starting a collaboration on a short film. This too is a real motivator as we've already got a bunch of enthusiastic people involved. It has also been most interesting brainstorming ideas with someone else when I am used to working on my own (I am pleased to report that although we at times had slighty different views, I found myself very open to her ideas and we managed to weave in both our inputs nicely, me-thinks.) I knew that once a screenplay was written I would be fine letting it go. What I didn't know was whether I could create with someone else ... I can! Hurray! (I should watch it, mind you. The script is not finish, only a rough outline.)
Righty. Gotta get my sleep.
(damn that was a lot of parentheses tonight.)

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